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Developer: RJS Tech Solutions LLP
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NEW from the designer of PathPix: SPELLPIX, an original word puzzlegame. Draw bright, bold lines of color as you make word paths connectingletters in the grid. All the words begin and end on circled letters withmatching colors. Your job is simple - just find the letters that go inbetween.Finish solving to see the miniature picture that you have created. As anextra reward you get a quip or quote related in some way to thepicture. Witty or wise, it will give you a little something to think aboutas you go on to the next puzzle.
SPELLPIX FEATURES---10 Chapters - 233 puzzles---A special quip or quote for each picture puzzle---Graduated difficulty, from easy to extreme---All puzzles unlocked always---All solutions are unique
SIMPLE RULES - easy to get started ---Find words of 3 or more letters that start and end on CIRCLED LETTERS.---The starting and ending letter circles must be the SAME COLOR.---Connect letters HORIZONTALLY and VERTICALLY, but NOT diagonally.---CORRECT words will be PAINTED over and FROZEN in place. (You can turn off this option for a tougher game.) ---Use up all the letters in the grid. The colored word paths will make a little PICTURE.SPELLPIX is an original game from Kris Pixton and KpixGames, makers of thehit puzzle game, PATHPIX.